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QuiBids Report offers two primary services. First is our database lookup system that allows you to research any product on QuiBids and access key auction stats like the average price, best days to bid, and much more.

For the serious bidder we offer BidPanther which is built right into the Google Chrome browser. With BidPanther Pro you will know exactly how many bids each bidder has placed right inside the auction. BidPanther modifies every QuiBids auction to be an informative heads-up display. BidPanther comes in package types BidPanther Basic (100% Free) and BidPanther Pro (Free to Try).

  • Gain Access to Key Auction Data
  • Stop Counting on LUCK and Start Banking on STRATEGY!
  • Access the QuiBids Report Community Knowledge Base
  • BidPanther is 100% Free to Try
  • Stop Getting Bad-Beats!
  • Increase Your Odds of Winning
  • Key Auction Stats
  • Form Strategies that Win
  • Time Your Bids for Optimal Effectiveness
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The Power of Statistics- On Your Side

Buying bids on penny auction sites can get expensive – QuiBids Report helps protect your bids by giving you access to key auction data the insiders use to win. Use our advanced search to discover bidder patterns, best times to bid, and top bidders list to increase your chances and optimize your winnings. Learn key stats like average price, optimal ranges, and hot prices to help you form points of entry to any auction. Start tracking auction pricing data and begin using the secrets that insiders use to increase their odds of winning and win big. Do your homework and learn the tips, tricks, and secrets insiders have been using to consistently win time and time again.

QuiBids Report has the largest most up-to-date database of auction data that will give you an edge to beat other bidders and ultimately save you money.

  • Use Pricing, Time of Day, and Bidder Data to Form Your Strategy
  • Protect Your Bids!
  • Discuss Strategies with Others
  • Start Bidding with Information Instead of Intuition
  • Know What Percentage of Auctions Close at a Particular Price
  • Save Bids & Money
  • Increase your Chances
  • Maximize Your Winnings
  • Become a Better Bidder!
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"Spend Less Bids and Win More on QuiBids Using QuiBidsReport.com"

QuiBidsReport is in no way endorsed by or affiliated by QuiBids.com


Proven Successs

"Before QuiBidsReport I kept losing money on almost every auction with nothing to show for it. Then I heard about QuiBids Report and began researching the items I was trying to win before bidding. Lo and behold, I won a fresh copy of Black Ops for only $2.71! With the info I get from QBR I feel like a stealthy panther stalking auction prey.."

Dan F.
Duluth, GA

“I just signed up about as soon as you emailed me that the registration was open. I used the straddle method explained on YouTube and ON MY FIRST TRY won a 50 dollar Wal-Mart Gift card! You just won a lifelong customer. QUIBID REPORTS ROCKS!"

Coy H.
QBR User

"I, too, use this database and it’s terrific. The administrative team is always working to add new functionality and different ways to look at the data. There’s a growing community of users that share secrets and strategies with one another. We also discuss trends, rants/raves, other QuiBids tools, and the list goes on. You’ve gotta have this data in-hand when walking into any auction. And the price: Peanuts for what you get back!"

QBR User

"It helps me to see what “normal” prices are for items at different times of day and different days of the week. I find it useful to develop strategies based on many auctions closing around certain levels, or an auction starting to get long in the tooth pricewise. It is well worth the money to me. Also has a good community with some interesting people in it, and free of spam. I highly recommend it."

QBR User

QuiBidsReport is in no way endorsed by or affiliated by QuiBids.com


Become a Better Bidder!!

If you’re sick and tired of losing good money on empty bids and bad beats then you’re only a few clicks away from Becoming a Better Bidder! The information you will have access to pays for its self. With QuiBids Report shopping the penny auction sites is fun and exciting. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards via our encrypted credit card processor.

  • Master Other Bidders!
  • Form Strategies That Work!
  • Stop Guessing With Bids!
  • Win More Often!
  • Database Updated Instantly

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See What Others Have To Say About Us:

"Spend Less Bids and Win More on QuiBids Using QuiBidsReport.com"

QuiBidsReport is in no way endorsed by or affiliated by QuiBids.com


What Can We Offer You?

With Our Data You Will Master QuiBids!

  • Top 10 Best Times to Bid for Every Product on QuiBids
  • QuiBids Average Sale Price for Every Product
  • Best Time of Day and Day of the Week to Win on QuiBids
  • A Complete List of the Easiest Items to Win on QuiBids (Updated Weekly)
  • Complete List of QuiBids Players and what Products They Have Won
  • Access to Secret QuiBids Strategies and Statistical Techniques That Reduce Risk and Win More Often
  • Gain Access to the Most Frequent Selling Prices for Each Product on QuiBids

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